Overcome compassion fatigue and burn-out by building a mindfulness practice that promotes self-care.

Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques in Everyday Life (smartEveryday Life) is an evidence-based, 9-session renewal program that helps participants develop the necessary skills to reduce stress and increase emotional balance and well-being. This SMART program is tailored to those working in the helping professions and anyone involved with providing ongoing care to others: healthcare professionals, personal support workers, social workers, mental health professionals, paramedics, parents, and caregivers of all types. This course is also beneficial for those in public service, including police, firefighters and those in administrative positions. Participants will cultivate the following skills through ongoing, experiential practices:

  • Concentration, attention, and mindfulness

  • Awareness and understanding of emotions

  • Empathy, compassion, and positive interpersonal communication

The SMART program, originally developed in the US, is now managed by smartUBC, a not-for-profit unit of the University of British Columbia, and is coordinated through the Okanagan School of Education.  In Ontario, SMART is administered by the UBC partner, Mindfulness Everyday, a Toronto-based, registered charitable organization responsible for the delivery of the program and training of certified SMART facilitators throughout the province.  

This 20-hour program is delivered in a workshop format, and consists of eight, 2-hour sessions and a 4-hour silent retreat. Weekly classes are comprised mainly of experiential mindfulness practices, with a presentation of key themes and group discussion. Home practice and self-reflection exercises are assigned to support skill development.

The course is non-religious and is delivered by smartUBC accredited instructors. No previous mindfulness experience is required.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage stress through a greater understanding and control of emotions

  • Employ self-care techniques to cultivate personal and professional resilience

  • Create effective strategies for relating to challenging situations

  • Enhance concentration and executive function (planning, decision-making, and impulse control)

  • Revitalize purpose, personally and professionally

  • Improve personal mental and physical health

  • Promote happiness through healthy habits of the mind

Visit our class schedule to see upcoming smartEveryday Life programs, or contact us to discuss running a dedicated cohort for your group or organization.