Please note that our practice sits are currently on summer hiatus. See you in September!

Designed for those who have already received a foundational training in mindfulness, this 90 minute community-building session offers practitioners the opportunity to enhance their practice while staying connected with other members of the mindfulness community.

Sits are open to anyone with an established mindfulness practice. At this intermediate level, more silence and less instruction is offered to support the deepening of a personal practice.

This fun, 90-minute session will adopt the following basic format:

Arriving and Socializing — 30 minutes Formal Practice — 55 minutes Tidy Up — 5 minutes

Guided practices can change from week to week and may include: Breath Awareness, Body Scans, Loving Kindness, Thought/Emotion Awareness, Open Awareness, and Mindful Movement. They may also include intention-setting and guided visualization practices.

Participants must register for Practice Sits, as space is limited.

Due to the short duration of these sessions, only cash will be accepted as payment. For convenience, 5-Sit Punch Cards may be purchased in advance. Please indicate when registering your intention to use/purchase a punch card or pay cash at the studio.

Yoga mats, meditation cushions, pillows and blankets are provided, however, participants are more than welcome to bring their own equipment.