Digital Detox: Better Tech/Life Balance Through Mindfulness

Do you sleep with your phone, check for messages during the night, or experience panic when you misplace it? If so, you might have “nomophobia,” the unofficial term for smart phone separation anxiety. This phenomenon, along with compulsive checking of social media posts, endless scrolling of news feeds, and incessant Google searches (when does the new season of West World start?) is leading to high anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, and an inability to focus on tasks or conversations according to a growing body of research. Turning our back on technology isn’t a reasonable path, but a healthy brain and body relies on achieving a balance between our use of digital devices and our ability to live our lives fully.  

This 3-session, 6-hour course guides participants through the process of identifying their own level of tech addiction or overuse, and then introduces mindfulness practices and interventions to assist in setting healthy tech boundaries. You will walk away with a more complete understanding of how your devices and screen time affects your mind, body, and emotions, as well as mindfulness practices to support greater tech/life balance and well-being.  

This course is secular and requires no previous meditation experience.

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