We offer traditional life coaching with an emphasis on mindfulness practices for improved immune function, emotional balance, and mental acuity. The practice of mindfulness is a powerful response to our society’s growing tendency to live life on autopilot — the endless drifting from one task to the next without really paying attention. Numerous studies have reported the dangers of autopilot, namely:

  1. Autopilot robs us of the richness of our life experiences. Many moments are missed completely, passing by unnoticed.

  2. Autopilot increases stress because it inevitably leads to maladaptive coping (excessive drinking, eating, spending, gaming, sleeping, media consumption, drug use, self-harm).

  3. Finally, life on autopilot means that we aren’t paying full attention, and this leads to misperceiving reality. Events, sensory inputs, and social interactions are processed incompletely and are then recalled incorrectly, often more negatively than they are.

Personal coaching can help you work on long-standing emotional patterns and triggers, introduce you to a wider variety of meditative practices, and assist with integrating mindful practices into your life in ways that make sense.


Old Student Offer

By participating in a nine-session course, you not only gain a broad foundation in the theory and practice of mindfulness, but it entitles you to a 40% discount on one-on-one coaching sessions.

The nature of our classes is personal inquiry within a highly experiential group setting. In contrast, one-on-one coaching allows for a deeper exploration of personal experience in the presence of a qualified practitioner.

Mindfulness Benefits

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are expanding all the time as new research and clinical studies emerge. Some of the known benefits include: decreased stress and anxiety, increased focus and memory, heightened present moment awareness and compassion, and improved immune function.


Life & Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching (Old Student)

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My anxiety is under control.

“When I came to coaching I was having panic attacks and missing a lot of work as a result. It was becoming unmanageable. In 3 months, I learned how to face the issues that caused my anxiety instead of avoiding them. I also backed-off the negative story always playing in my head.”

— R.L.

I make better decisions.

“Mindfulness coaching helped me put space between a trigger and my response to it. Instead of reacting all the time, often with incomplete information, I learned that I can pause, observe calmly, and choose how I want to act. As a result, I am making much more effective decisions at work and in my personal life.”

— M.T.

I am present with my kids.

“I learned quickly that I was living my life in the future. I was always worried about the next meal, the next school day, the following weekend’s plans. I was so unpresent, I realized my kids were growing up in front of me and I wasn’t really noticing. I am trying to appreciate them moment to moment now.”

— J.C.

I'd like to start with a class, instead.

By participating in a nine-session course, you not only gain a broad foundation in the theory and practice of mindfulness, but it entitles you to deeply discounted one-on-one coaching sessions.