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Stress Relief for Teens (MBSR-Teen)

Monday Afternoons: September 16, 2019 — November 11, 2019 | 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Note: There will no class on Monday, October 14th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Course Description

Teens are facing mental health challenges in increasing numbers. In this adapted version of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program by Gina Biegel, LMFT, teens are taught practical stress reduction techniques and skills for relaxation in an educational group setting. Named MBSR-Teen, this eight-week, evidenced-based program teaches teens how to respond rather than react by learning to direct their attention to the positive and toward better self-care. This is achieved through a greater awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and senses. MBSR-T is secular in its application of mindfulness meditation, and focuses on shorter, age-appropriate mindful practices aimed at fostering informal, moment-to-moment awareness.


The weekly sessions are 90 minutes in length and begin with a mindful check-in of thoughts and feelings, followed by a review of homework practices. The rest of the session will introduce new concepts and practices, comprising a mix of practices and discussions, both as a group and in partners. The concepts build from week to week with early sessions aimed at developing an understanding of stress in addition to an awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensory inputs or sensations. The next sessions focus on bringing mindful awareness into daily living, both formally and informally, and on applying mindful techniques in situations that are challenging or stressful. The remaining sessions are designed to cultivate mindful resilience in relationships with others and the self. Bringing mindfulness into communication and learning to implement self-care practices (use of technology, social media, eating, sleeping and exercise patterns) are also discussed, and teens are taught how to modify practices to suit their needs after the program is over.


Mindfulness is a not a cure-all or magic pill. It is a skill that can be developed and, like most skills, it only benefits those who apply it. This program is considered a psycho-educational intervention and is not intended to replace therapy or other forms of treatment. It may be used as a complement to existing regimens or treatment plans. Like a muscle that grows stronger with exercise, mindfulness develops mental muscles that promote emotional regulation and self-awareness. When practiced regularly it can provide participants with a more realistic appraisal of stressful situations, which in turn decreases stress and suffering. Many participants report improved mental and physical well-being, states that are sustainable with ongoing practice.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for teens between the ages of 12-18. It is aimed at those who have an interest in learning how to cope with and manage stress, and those looking to bring mindfulness techniques and practices into their lives.

Fee: $250 (+HST)

Cancellation Policy

You must provide a minimum of 5 business days’ notice prior to the program’s start date to receive the full tuition less a $50 fee. If you provide less than 5 business days’ notice prior to the start date of a program, no refund will be issued. Once the program has begun no refunds will be issued.

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