Busy-ness, distraction, and over-stimulation are societal norms. Consequently, simply being with ourselves in a quiet and intentional way is something few people know how to do. Our all-day silent retreats are designed to introduce you to the benefits of a day spent in silence, learning to cultivate a beginner’s level present moment awareness.

Enjoy a restorative day of mindfulness with activities that include: various guided practices, gentle movement, mindful eating and walking, followed by a thoughtful sharing period as the session closes. Participants remain silent throughout most of the day, though guidance is ongoing. Note: Mindful movement exercises will include options to modify movements and poses for safety and comfort.

This course is designed for anyone looking to experience a quiet day of self-care and those looking to cultivate greater present moment awareness. Great as an introductory taste of mindfulness, for recharging batteries, unplugging from technology, or as a gift you can share with someone in need of a break. No previous mindfulness experience is required, however, some may initially find the extended period of silence daunting. This is common, but the majority of people report thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing in layers, and bring slippers or socks as no outdoor shoes are permitted in the studio. All necessary equipment is provided: yoga mats, meditation cushions, blankets, etc. Please note that the use of cell phones/tablets and other devices will not be permitted during the session. All devices must be turned off and participants are asked to refrain from checking messages during the break periods.

Retreats begin promptly at 10:00 AM, and participants are asked to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to enjoy light refreshments and receive instructions before silence begins. A mindful eating exercise is introduced during the lunch period, so all participants are required to bring an allergy-free lunch along with a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day. Silence ends at 3:15 PM, when participants are invited to share their experience of the day in a closing ceremony. Retreats end at 4:00 PM.

Please note that all registration must be completed prior to the day of the session.