A Taste of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere these days thanks to a wellspring of media attention touting the outcomes of the latest academic or clinical study. But, is it really as effective as we’re being led to believe? Learn to separate fact from fiction at our fun and informative Taste of Mindfulness session.

In this 90-minute, experiential session individuals curious about mindfulness are given a chance to learn about this beneficial and life-affirming practice. The session will outline what mindfulness is and is not, explain how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, and introduce participants to basic mindful breathing and movement practices. This small but mighty class also provides a powerful, stress-busting tool that you can put to use the second you leave the studio.

Best of all, if this class has you wanting more, participants qualify for $25 OFF any 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR). This offer may be combined with any early bird specials in effect!

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